The 4 main bloodlines of the Lusitano breed

Lusitano breed diversity: discovery of the Andrade, Veiga, Alter Real and Coudelaria Nacional lines with unique characteristics for bullfighting, dressage, driving and more.

The bloodlines of the Lusitano

There are four main bloodlines within the Lusitano breed: Andrade, Veiga, Alter Real and Coudelaria Nacional, based on six foundation horses - Agareno, Primorosa, Destinado, Marialva II, Regedor and Hucharia. Each line has its own specific characteristics and is suitable for different riding disciplines.

The diverse bloodlines of the Lusitano reflect its historical and cultural development and contribute to its rich heritage and versatility. Each line is unique and shapes the breed as it is today.


The Andrade line

Founded by Dr. Ruy d'Andrade, Andrade horses are known for their presence, movement and temperament. They are particularly suitable for bullfighting and dressage.

The Veiga line

The Veiga line, which originated at Quinta da Broa, is famous for its agile and courageous horses, ideal for bullfighting and dressage.

The Alter Real line

Founded by King D. João V, the Alter Real line is known for its chestnut horses, which are used in the Portuguese School of Horsemanship.

The Coudelaria Nacional line

As a state stud farm, Coudelaria Nacional breeds larger, stronger horses suitable for dressage and driving.