Lusitano Horse Breeding Portugal - Jupiter Classical Dressage
The Lusitano is a medium-sized warmblood horse with a height of 155 to 165 cm and a weight of around 500 kg. Its body proportions are harmonious with a rounded, square shape and a subconvex silhouette. Typical is the so-called "ram's nose", a slightly domed head with an outwardly curved nose, expressive eyes and a well-curved neck. The croup is strong, well proportioned and slightly sloping.
This breed is known for its reliability, strong nerves, docility and people-oriented nature. Lusitanos develop a deep bond with their owners and are characterized by their sociable nature. Their intelligence and attentiveness make them ideal partners for both leisure and competitive sports.
Versatility in use
Lusitanos are talented in a variety of disciplines. They excel in classical dressage and high school, but also in other areas such as show jumping, western riding, carriage driving and working equitation. Their history as fighters and performers, particularly in high school and mounted bullfighting, is reflected in their use today.
Lusitanos are characterized by supple, sublime movements. Their gaits are agile and ground covering, which makes them particularly comfortable to ride. They are known for their good balance and agility, qualities that are supported by strong hindquarters with deep hocks and dry pasterns.

Puro Sangue Lusitano

The Lusitano, also known as Puro Sangue Lusitano (PSL), is a Portuguese horse breed famous for its historical use in war, dressage and bullfighting. It embodies baroque aesthetics and modern versatility.


Overall, the Lusitano embodies an ideal combination of beauty, strength, intelligence and versatility. His balanced temperament and harmonious appearance make him a popular partner for riders of all levels in a wide variety of riding disciplines.

Predestined for classical horsemanship

In the 18th and 19th centuries, during the heyday of classical horsemanship, the Lusitano developed into the preferred partner for this demanding discipline thanks to its permeability, rideability, elegance and lightness. Its robust conformation, with strong hindquarters and a powerful, well-set neck, enables excellent collection and cadenced gaits with remarkable knee action.

lusitano horses for work

Ideal for Working Equitation

This discipline emphasizes the importance of a rideable, strong-nerved and reliable horse, both for leisure riding and for competitions. Herding cattle in rough terrain from the saddle has a long tradition in Portugal. These requirements, as well as mounted bullfighting, shaped the Lusitano and made it the ideal partner for working equitation.


A valuable partner for equestrian sports

The Lusitano has established himself in sport, with numerous victories and placings in dressage, driving and show jumping. Its combination of willingness to work, people orientation and courage makes it a valued competition partner. This breed is characterized by power and grace, the result of centuries of careful breeding and training. Its ability to combine concentration with composure makes the Lusitano particularly valuable for equestrian sport.

Lusitano Horse Breeding Portugal - Jupiter Classical Dressage

Favorite among leisure riders

The Lusitano is known for his gentle, people-friendly character and his willingness to learn. It offers unique experiences in the field, on the arena and in the hall. His versatility makes him suitable for dressage and jumping as well as a strong driving horse. Riders of all ages will find him easy to handle, as he is attentive and adaptable to his rider.