The Lusitano

One of the oldest riding horses in the world

Characterized by bullfighting, full of Iberian aesthetics and modern versatility - the world of the Lusitanos reflects a deep history.


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oldest saddle horses lusitano

The Lusitano is one of the oldest riding horses in the world

Its history began around 15,000 years ago on the Iberian Peninsula. Influenced by different cultures such as the Lusitanians, Romans and Moors, it developed into a symbol of strength and elegance. The Lusitano, shaped by thousands of years of war and agriculture, today stands for versatility and a deep connection between man and horse.

Shaped by the bullfight

The fascination of the Lusitano horse breed is closely linked to Portugal's unique bullfighting tradition. Lusitanos combine elegance and intelligence with an incomparable "cow sense". Their development along the Tagus River and their special role in Portuguese bullfighting shaped characteristics such as agility, speed and a calm, courageous nature.

white lusitano horse

Iberian aesthetics and modern versatility

The Lusitano, an epitome of Iberian equine aesthetics, embodies royal elegance and a harmonious combination of tradition and modernity. Its square shape, striking ram's nose and powerful croup are a testament to baroque splendor, while its suppleness and elasticity impress in the high school of dressage and bullfighting. This breed, witty and reliable, creates a deep connection with people, combines grace and courage and demonstrates exceptional versatility.

The bloodlines of the Lusitanos

The world of Lusitanos reflects a deep history. These horses, once revered by ancient civilizations, are now divided into four main bloodlines: Andrade, Veiga, Alter Real and Coudelaria Nacional. Each line brings its own strengths in dressage, bullfighting and horsemanship. A brief look at these lines reveals the impressive heritage and unique characteristics of this noble breed.